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  The Alaska Newsgroups is a platform for Xbase++ developers, users and all others who share the interest in Xbase++ development. We encourage everybody to post any information, knowledge, experience, tips and tricks and the bolts and nuts of the art of development that may be useful to other developers. However, it is absolutely indispensable to comply with the general rules of decency and demonstrate common courtesy in all your postings.

Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to post any content - in any language! - that might be in any form or shape offending or discriminatory to anybody; it goes without saying that any kind of bashing is to be kept out.

In any case, Alaska Software expects of all newsgroup-users to display respect and adequate social manners while participating. In case of violation of the above rules and regulations, Alaska Software reservers the right to delete such postings and bar the author from further participation.

More information on the configuration can be found in the How to files. Please click on the file in the language which suites you most.


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