Xbase++ User Groups (XUG)

What it is, and how to go about it?

The maintenance of personal contacts has become ever more important in these times, where everything goes virtual! Wouldn't you agree?

An Xbase++ User Group aims to provide such a platform, where every Xbase++ developer will be able to meet other Xbase++ developers in person, discussing technical issues and their corresponding solutions, but is also an ideal setting for exchanging experiences with customers and clients while spending a nice and by the same token informative evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

Alaska Software Inc. operationally supports your initiative during the set-up period by localizing the number of Xbase++ developers and other interested people in your area, and by inviting those potential XUG-members. Furthermore, Alaska Software Inc. attempts to be present, whenever possible.

Once an XUG has been set-up and is up and running, Alaska Software representatives will be attending these meetings on a regular basis. Each Xbase++ User Group Member will have the opportunity to raise questions about technical matters as well as about general topics, which Alaska Software will be going to answer right there at the spot, if possible.

Members of hitherto established XUGs confirm that this method of exchanging experiences is another additional but vital building block complementing other media, such as the newsgroups and/or webboardes, etc.

You may want to glean our newsgroups, or get an overview of established XUGs in Europe and/or in the Americas, see "List" tab above.

In case you like to set up an Xbase++ User Group in your vicinity, hence assume an Xbase-VIP role, please do not wait any longer to get in touch with us!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and assisting in setting up a new XUG!

Simply drop an email to: info@alaska-software.com

Take the courage,... it's worth the effort!

Below please find an overview over the established XUGs and their VIP, whom you may contact for further information and/or joining them!


  1. XUG Regengsburg
    VIP: Josef Stockinger

  2. XUG Zürich
    VIP: Paul Brem

  3. XUG XXP, The Netherlands
    VIP: Peter Alderliesten

  4. XUG Köln e. V.
    VIP: Friedhelm Goeder

  5. XUG Slovenia
    VIP: Igor Ferk

  6. XUG Rhein-Neckar
    VIP: Manfred Rudolf

  7. XUG Heiligenstadt
    VIP: Mathias Heinevetter

  8. XUG Nord
    VIP: Thomas Priedigkeit

  9. XUG Osnabrück
    VIP: Andreas Engler

  10. XUG Saarland-Pfalz
    VIP: Markus Walter

  1. XUG Fresno, CA, USA
    VIP: Scott Smith

  2. XUG Buenos Aires
    VIP: Jose Luís Otermin