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Your privacy is important to us and we want your visit to our website to be a safe, pleasant and informative experience. This page informs you as compact as possible about the personal data that we gather and how we value your privacy. Our detailed privacy policy can be found here.


We collect customer information during the ordering and trial process in order to serve you and ensure that our products are delivered and serviced properly. This information, names, addresses, phone, fax, e-mail, comments or any other information communicated via this website to us, will never be given or sold to external parties. Addresses and order information may be communicated to logistics providers who ship your orders. They do not store any information beyond the temporary need to make your order ready for shipment.

No customer, order or payment data is stored in any of the data centers we are using to run our website or delivering content.


Cookies are text files that contain data from visited websites or domains and are stored by a browser on the user's computer. A cookie is primarily used to store information about a user during or after his visit within an online service. The information stored can include, for example, the language settings on a website, the login status, a shopping basket or the location where a video was viewed. The term "cookies" also includes other technologies that fulfil the same functions as cookies (e.g. if user information is stored using pseudonymous online identifiers, also referred to as "user IDs").

Cookies that are set by ourselves are First-Party-Cookies, most of them are crititcal to the proper functionality of our online offerings. Third-Party-Cookies are mainly used by advertisers (so-called third parties) to process user information.

We use third-party applications and cookies on this site for analytics, demonstration purposes and security. You can review your consents for these here. (manage your consents)

More details about how we use cookies and which third-parties are involved in processing them can be found here and here.


For any questions concerning your personal data, please contact us here:

Alaska Software Inc.
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