Xbase++: the Clipper successor!

Xbase++ is a Clipper compatible development platform for 32- and 64bit Windows operating systems. It inlcudes a native code compiler and a linker and debugger. Of course! But a modern Windows development tool is much more: resource compiler, dialog- and form designer, a comprehensive online documentation and many more tools reducing your workload. All you need is included. The package is completed with a huge sample collection, which covers almost all day-by-day topics and developer's challenges, regardless their complexity. You will find small, runnable applications with full source code.

Xbase++ is feature-rich and complete development platform.


What are the roots of Xbase++?

From the very beginning Xbase++ has been developed for compatibility with Clipper 87 and 5.x. So take your Clipper PRG source code and re-compile it. Link a resulting application and you will get a Xbase++ application which is technically state-of-the-art. The application still can access DBF/NTX (Clipper) data, DBF/CDX (Comix) and FPT/CDX (Visual FoxPro). Just the limitations of Clipper have been bypassed.

We are currently assembling more information. So please stay tuned and have a look here again in a few days.

Note: Xbase++ and all created aplications with it will run on Windows 8(.1) and Windows Server 2012, 32bit and 64bit. We guarantee this back to Windows 95/98/ME.