PolarFox: next generation Visual FoxPro!

"PolarFox" is the codename for our R&D project towards the next-generation Visual FoxPro development stack. By using Xbase++ as the technology platform, Alaska Software is going to provide an RDE able to seamlessly load existing VFP projects into a new and even more powerful design and runtime environment. In other words, Alaska Software wants to become for Visual FoxPro and FoxPro developers what we already are for Clipper developers: the natural successor!

In business terms, PolarFox is going to provide any Visual FoxPro developer with a tool stack able to modernize existing Visual FoxPro applications by leveraging existing knowledge. We believe that by using our technology, existing VFP applications will get a higher reliability, better performance, client resource utilization and scalability than ever before.

We are currently assembling more information. So please stay tuned and have a look here again in a few days.

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Our mission your future:
Alaska Software wants to become for the Visual FoxPro developer what we are for the Clipper developer: The natural successor, the vendor of the next generation development stack and a long term partner.