Archive 2004

Review of the European Developer Conference (17.11.2004)

Response as well as the ambiance having prevailed at the European Developers Conference which took place on Friday and Saturday of last week, turned out to have been simply overwhelmingly positively!

Therefore, we like to invite you to glean over the resume of the topics discussed as well as over the Keynote. Click here .

News around Xbase++, the DevCon and more... (04.11.2004)

Check out our updated Roadmap , now reflecting the recent progress made at development. We are very well aware of the fact that some of you are waiting anxiously for Xbase++1.9. But stay tuned! Xbase++1.90 is worth to wait for. Not only have we added the features listed here , but there are also an array of fixes which we will present in detail at the forthcoming European Developer Conference . Just to name a few: Enhanced garbage collection and the ability to customize XbasePARTs.

The private BETAs for ADS-DBE V 1.90, and for the ActiveX automation feature available in Xbase++V 1.90, have provided to our development team a lot of invaluable input which already made its way into the product. A big THANK YOU goes to all BETA participants.

Right now, we are getting ready for the European Developer Conference in the Netherlands taking place next Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you there in person. Xbase++V 1.90 will be presented on the DevCon. Details about the architecture,the ratio behind it as well as a lot of samples are going to be elaborated on.

Alaska Software is working hard to wrap up Xbase++V 1.90 for you aiming to put it under your Christmas tree! And the best of all, if you buy Xbase++1.82 now you are getting Xbase++1.90 for free. Therefore, there is no reason to wait: get started working with Xbase++today, and be on top of things when it comes to Clipper migration to the Windows platform.

European Xbase++Developer Conference in the Netherlands! (06.08.2004)

We are proud to be able to invite all of you to participate at the European Xbase++Developer Conference! This Conference is going to take place near Venlo in the Netherlands for two full days of interesting sessions and workshops held on Nov. 12th and Nov. 13th 2004.

So check out the Session-Schedule as well as the overhelmingly broad topics around Xbase++for which an array of internationally well-recognized Speakers are preparing their sessions and talks. Click here to find out more about the event.

Furthermore we like to encourage everyone to attend this event to get in touch with the Xbase++community and of course make use of the opportunity to discuss personally your individual requirements with the Speakers and members of the development team of Alaska Software! Got more questions? Just drop us an email ; we are happy to assist you.

Hope to see you there, your Alaska Software.
What to expect of Xbase++V.1.9 (15.07.2004)

The ADS-DBE Beta has been well received and most issues initially reported have already been resolved. The 3rd. and final beta-drop is currently under development. With the forthcoming ActiveX support for Xbase++we are somewhat behind our initial schedule. However, a first beta-drop will be out soon.

Besides improved ADS-DBE and ActiveX support, an array of improvements in the realm of database technology has been added to the kernel of Xbase++. Check out the latest improvements for Xbase++V.1.9!

Revised Roadmap! (27.05.2004)

Our Roadmap got updated. Check it out, as you can also sign up for being considered as participant for the ADS-DBE Beta and/or for theActiveX Beta.

Both will be limited betas, i.e. the number of participants is limited, so get your preliminiary email application in as soon as possible! Both betas comence in June.

Service Level for Xbase++1.82 released! (04.05.2004)
The Service Level for Xbase++V.1.82 has just gone online! It can be downloaded from our Homepage , and is free of charge for all our valued Xbase++customers and users alike.
Release Schedule (Roadmap) (26.04.2004)

Alaska Software Inc. has published a roadmap illustrating the next milestones in its product release schedule. The roadmap also has background information on product updates and feature set. The roadmap can be found here .

Xbase++1.82 gets even better! (22.04.2004)

Meticulous evaluation has brought about an immediate release of a Service Level for Xbase++1.82! This Service Level includes next to 100 PDRs fixed, which makes it by far the most comprehensive SL in the company's history ever.

The Service Level is going to be made available for free to all Xbase++1.82 customers.

Availability announcement is to follow soon. Please visit our website regularly for this announcement respectively.

Attention: "Spoofed" spam email not from Alaska Software (05.04.2004)

Please take a note that there are bogus emails circulating! Thus, there seems to be a virus spreading to customers that appears to stem from or

ATTENTION: Do NOT open them! Delete these emails! Generally we never send unsolicited emails with attachments to our customers, unless that was discussed in previous correspondence.

File Library and KnowledgeBase (WebKB) are online! (18.03.2004)

Our File Library has gone online again.

The Weblib contains a wealth of information in form of White Papers, Feature-Summaries, as well as Trial-Versions of our valued Technology Partners and AS-Certified Solutions.

Moreover, our highly consulted and frequently visited KnowledgeBase (WebKB) is up and running, and accessible again. The KnowledgeBase contains a wealth of information for any Xbase++version ever released!

It is frequently used to research work-arounds for known shortcomings and allows to review the current development stage of a PDR, whose priority may also be increased simply by pushing a button.

Permanent email-addresses are finally up and running! (02.03.2004)

Finally the transferal of the email-server has been completed not just legally but also from a technical viewpoint.
Please makes sure to take a note of the following permanent email-contact addresses:

Once again we like to apologize for the confusion and the troubles you might have encountered trying to get in touch with us!

Reminder: For all snail-mail contact in Germany/Europe please use the following street address:

Alaska Software Inc., Germany
Hauptstrasse 223
65760 Eschborn-Niederhoechst
Tel.: +49 (0)6196 779999-51
Fax: +49 (0)6196 779999-23