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First Hotfix-Rollup available! (21.12.2006)

In accordance with the New Product-Maintenance-Policy we would like to invite our customers to reap benefits from it, accessing and downloading the first series of Hotfix-Rollups for Xbase++ 1.90. More details about each Hotfix-Rollup including download information can be found here .

In case your PDR is not tackled by this first series, stay tuned, as the next rollup-day is scheduled for second half of January.

New Product-Maintenance-Policy endorsed (24.11.2006)

In the aftermath of the Xbase++1.9 release, and in order to serve better our customer base and respond more adequately to individual customer demands, we would like to present Alaska Software’s newly elaborated Product-Maintenance-Policy stipulations.

We are convinced that delivering a great product can always be only one side of the coin; the other side ought to be the services and support completing the product. Hence, to cut down time-to-market for critical fixes and to provide all Xbase++developers a continuous stream of hotfixes and/or new features, it was indispensable to have a New Product-Maintenance-Policy worded out and put into practice.

Therefore, we encourage every Xbase++customer to carefully read through the Product-Maintenance-Policy documentation, which explains in great detail the definitions of Hotfixes, Hotfix-Rollups, Service Levels, and how they will be handled going forward.

Should you have questions, or you would like to voice your opinion and/or give us constructive feedback related to these new stipulations; in any case, we look forward to receiving your emails .

You have not yet familiarized yourself with Xbase++1.9? Take a few minutes and click here to learn more about the ever enhanced Clipper compatibility, the various fixes that have been accomplished and an extraordinary extensive catalog of innovative features. But, stay wired as the first set of hotfix-rollups is already in the pipeline.

Xbase++1.9 free Trial-Version available (20.10.2006)

Sense the new feel of Clipper compatibility, touch base with the ActiveX technology and its cool components, utilize multithreading with just one line of code. Explore a new world of programming with virtually no limits - check out Xbase++1.90!

The Xbase++1.90 Trial Version is as of now availble to be downloaded and evaluated. You will have the choice to check out the trial version in English and in German, whichever you prefer. Of course, about 4.000 pages of online documentation are there, awaiting to be consulted. Additionally, you should not miss to review more than 300 samples introducing the different features of Xbase++1.90.

And the best of all is that there are no restrictions in terms of the programming capabilities in this trial version. The only restriction you will encounter is the time limit of 30 consecutive days for the evaluation.

Anybody still programming with Clipper is invited to take a closer look at Xbase++1.9, given the fact that the meter is running for all your 16-bit applications. Get rid of your old 16-bit stuff and make the world of 32-bit / 64-bit operating systems yours using the power of Xbase++.

Download the Xbase++1.9 trial version by clicking here . Since you get the download information via email, please make sure that you provide your complete and correct email address. Details about Xbase++1.9 and its new features, all the closed PDRs and all the changes made to the documentation, can be found here .

Thousands of Xbase++1.9 units have been shipped (05.10.2006)

Since the release of Xbase++1.9 in May 2006, the shipment of more than 4.000 packages to more than 120 different countries on this globe has been completed!

Hence doubtlessly depicting its strength as the leading application development tool for xbase-dialect-based programming as well as for migration of Clipper-based business applications. These Xbase++applications are deployed at global corporations as well as at small one-man shops around the corner. Geographically speaking, Xbase++applications are deployed all over the world: ranging from Anchorage to Auckland, and from Upsala to Ushuaia.

Hereby, we like to remind all our subscription customers, that by now you should have received your Volume 6 CD and booklet. If you have bought Alaska Software products after November 1st 2004, you should also have received your free replacement delivery. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with us in the event you haven't received your Xbase++1.9 yet.

If questions pop up, then get in touch with us .

Autumn is here, and so is the development group! (06.09.2006)

Refreshed, recreated and inspired from a positive US-DevCon, a successful release of Xbase++1.9 and the extremely high temperatures which were persistent all over Europe. Having resumed their normal schedule, the development team is in the midst of re-grouping, focusing and setting up new priorities.

Meanwhile, if you are still working with Xbase++1.82 or even an older version of Xbase++, you really should take a minute or two to glean over the features included in Xbase++1.9, ensuring you are up-to-date on the latest possibilites with Xbase++.

So, what has been proclaimed by our customers about this release yet?

  • "Xbase++1.9 should be relabeled to 2.0, this is truely an amazing, solid release!"

  • "Thank you so much for the good and productive cooperation! We really look forward to laying hands on the final release of Xbase++1.9, so that we can get started using it in our productive and operational environment."

  • "Also I would like to congratulate Alaska for the way that it is treating the customers. With certainty now we will go to invest in Xbase++."

  • "By the way, we are impressed with 320. The list of PDRs fixed is enormous. PDR 4970, on which we had almost given up hope, is fixed. And on top of that, we get quick response from the Alaska beta team."

  • "For the rest I find the software Xbase++fabulous, stupendous, powerful. I don't know what to say more, it's beautiful!!! Makes me dream!!! It is almost stable in everything and for everything."

  • "The improvements in beta 1.9 are considerable compared to 1.82 - the Alaska team are performing a great job as far as I can see. In my view 1.9 RC is already the best Xbase++on the market. Is Alaska Software driving the degree of perfection too far?"

  • "I am quite happy with it and with all the new features that are availble with 1.90, especially ActiveX. So far I have not yet got any reports of problems other than the ones we made ourselves. So I would reccomend anybody to move over to this version."

Xbase++DevCon Debriefing available (12.06.2006)

The 3rdUS-DevCon has been a great success! Do you want to know what you missed out? Check here. All participants have taken home a wealth of information, new impressions, great ideas, and memories of interesting conversations and new friendships.

Major topics covered by Alaska Software during the US-DevCon were:

  • ActiveX Overview and Introduction
  • High level overview of .NET, comparison with Xbase++
  • Using .NET components and .NET Forms with Xbase++1.9
  • Overview about data access technologies; this presentation is a perfect guideline regarding which data access technology should be used when and for what purpose.

Alaska Software has collected all the DevCon information together. All presentations and sample source code from Alaska Software speakers, plus product demos, PowerPoint presentations and lots of sample code from the Technology Partners who held their sessions at the 3rd. US-DevCon. For a complete listing of the sessions held, please click
here, and choose: Session Schedule .

If you are interested in obtaining the DevCon presentations and other goods, we like to invite you to get yourself this incredible 1 GB USB-Memory-Stick!

For that, just check out our Online-Shop

If you still have questions, let us know.

Xbase++1.9 is available for download! (19.05.2006)

The time has finally come to inform you that the final version of Xbase++V1.90 has been released to the public.

Customers with a valid Subscription product and customers which already bought Xbase++V1.90, can get ahold of the new version via electronic download. To obtain the access codes for your respective product, please send an e-mail to our ESD system (Electronic Software Delivery) with the word HELP in the subject line. You will be immediately provided with an automatic reply containing the required next steps.

The subscription products, as well as the free-of-charge replacement CD shipments will be shipped to your street address in due course, after we will have received them from the production plant.

In the meantime, we hope all of you will enjoy exploring all the great new features while programming with Xbase++!!

Looking forward to meeting you at the Xbase++US DevCon 2006 next week.

Release status of Xbase++1.9 (10.05.2006)

During the development process of Xbase++1.9, more than 500 features of the product have been improved. You will see that being reflected in more than 200 changes applied to the documentation in terms of new features and/or feature-set enhancements.

Actually, we closed more than 200 PDRs and an array of these changes will prove to be of the benefit to all of you. The value added by Alaska Software to the new release, is estimated to amount to about 6 man-years of hard development work.

Having said this, the bad news is that we are again behind our latest projection in terms of availability. The good news is that the master- build 1.90.331 is already being tested and validated. The Basic User Guides which comprises of about 350 pages has been released for production.

The contents of the Subscriptions is ready, so that the packaging process can be triggered. All this is a tedious and time-consuming labor; however, we should be able to have it completed by the end of this week.

Since the packaging process is the last step before CD-ROM production starts, the software packages will be readily available for download, ie. for the ESD (electronic-software-delivery), in the week before the US DevCon 2006 starts.

Looking forward to meeting you at the forthcoming Xbase++US DevCon 2006 and/or at the European Advantage Conference in Frankfurt.

Last Call: USDevCon 2006!! (02.05.2006)

Secure your US-Dev-Con-Tickets!! Make sure you will be sitting in the first row during number

of the US-Xbase++Developer Conference, which will take place in Manchester, N.H./USA, starting on Sunday, May 21st, concluding on Wednesday, May 24th, 2006. More information is available here. To get all the details about Speakers present, Topics spoken about, Add-On-Vendors being on site and much more. Check out the DevCons webpage at USDevCon-Homepage .
And don´t forget, apart from catching up with the latest developments and technical features, there is also the priceless side-effect of being able to meet the people of Alaska Software and your peer Xbase++Developers in person, shop-talking the days and nights away!!

This is really hard to beat!! - See you there.

Forthcoming Xbase++1.9 release progress report (13.04.2006)

On April 4th, Alaska Software has made available Xbase++1.90.330 final to its Technology Partners and a selected group of 15 companies. The goal of build 1.90.330 is to field test changes made to the new ActiveX/.NET interoperability features.

With RC2, we learned that many of the existing ActiveX components available on the Windows 32-Bit market do not integrate well with multi-threaded host applications, such as those created with Xbase++. Thread interoperability is not a big issue with other Windows development tools - they simply do not provide that feature right out of the box. However, with Xbase++development of multi-threaded applications is a snap, and it is being done by almost everybody. Using such ActiveX components within a multi-threaded application sometimes led to a completely non-deterministic behaviour. This is simply unacceptable. As a consequence, the development team decided to add additional thread synchronisation to the ActiveX/.NET interoperability layer.The product team is currently working on the packaging of the various product CDs. According to our current schedule, mastering of Xbase++1.90 starts on April 18th and will last approximately 5-10 days, followed by general product availability via ESD download.Shipment of free 1.82 replacement products and Subscription Volumes to existing customers may take another 2+ weeks due to production timeframe.

Please also take a note that our offices are closed on the following days:

Good Friday, April 14th, 2006, and
Easter Monday, April 17th, 2006.

Regular office hours for both locations will resume on Tuesday, April 18h, 2006.

Xbase++1.9 RC-1 Timebomb - DevCon 2006 (23.02.2006)

Since the first release of Xbase++1.90 RC-2 (release candidate #2) in December/January, Alaska Software has released several refreshes of RC-2 to dedicated beta testers. These intermediate revisions addressed issues found in the initial RC-2 build. Currently, the development team at Alaska Software is working on the Xbase++ 1.9 final build, which should be available in the next 30 days.

Alaska Software also wants to draw your attention to the fact that by the end of this month, Xbase++1.90.322 (release candidate #1) will stop working due to an internal timebomb mechanism. In the event that you already have distributed RC-1 to your customers, it is therefore important to update these RC-1 installation as soon as possible. Registered customers can request a timebomb-free version of RC-1 from Alaska Software by simply sending an email to Please be sure to include your customer number.

Finally, we would like to point out to you, again, the Xbase++Developers Conference being held in May. If you are interested in the new features of Xbase++1.9, or just need a jump-start into the new worlds of ActiveX, backoffice integration and .NET component usage, then this DevCon is a must to attend! Even if you are planning a new application or an upgrade of an existing one, the DevCon will be especially worthwhile for you to attend. Because a special focus is put on Microsoft's forthcoming technologies such as Windows Vista and .NET, attending the DevCon will provide you with valuable hands-on and background knowledge for competing in the IT market.

More information can be found here, and at the conference website.

Developer Conference in 2006 ! (09.02.2006)

Alaska Software and Professional Teledata are proud to be able to announce the 3rd Xbase++U.S. Developers Conference 2006. This DevCon will be held at the Highlander Inn Hotel in Manchester, NH (USA), and will take place between Sunday, May 21st and Wednesday, May 24th, 2006.

Not only will there be covered an array of themes related to Xbase++1.9, but it will also address the latest trends and technologies, such as .NET and Windows Vista. Among other things, attendees will learn how developers can utilize .NET components with Xbase++1.9.

Add-On vendors, like Donnay Software, Clayton Jones Software, Boris Borzic, iAnywhere and DS-Datasoft will also be present to give presentations or just to talk shop.

More information can be found here, and at the conference website.

newsgroups @ (26.01.2006)

Maintenance work has been completed and the new server system has been doing its job for more than a week now. Customers who have not yet re-configured their news-reader should do so right away.

The refined list of newsgroups, plus a short description of them, can be found here . By default, anonymous users will only have read-only access! To post a message, you will have to configure your news-reader to log on to the news server using the username "guest" and the password "guest". Once you have enabled authentication, you will be authorized to post messages to the newsgroups. Authenticating users is by far the most effective way to avoid spam.

We apologize for any inconvenience that arose from the news server transition.

Enjoy the spam-free newsgroups!

News Server upgrade! (13.01.2006)

Due to the constantly growing traffic on our news server (, a larger dedicated server system will be set up over this weekend, i.e. Jan. 14- 15, 2006. The new server system will add new features, such as automated spam filtering and a new web-frontend, to name just the most important changes.

In order to make the transition, all newsgroups will become read-only beginning on Saturday, Jan. 14th, 2006, until the new server system is up and running for good.

We apologize for this inconvenience.