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Application design reloaded! (21.12.2007)

We would like to invite our customers to rethink their application design. Why not breaking your monolithic application into pieces and connecting them together?

The infrastructure to connect your application parts is at your fingertips! Learn more about SOA and how Xbase++ 1.9 and Microsoft Message Queueing connect smaller application parts together; there was also a dedicated Session at the European Xbase++ DevCon. The presentation, the sample source code and a small ACast introducing Message Queueing with Xbase++ 1.9 is available for download for you!

Take a breath over the holidays, get some distance from your daily work and enjoy the download material above. Maybe you will rethink your application design?

Enjoy the Christmas holidays and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successfull and happy new year 2008.


DevCon-CD is on its way!! (19.12.2007)

The DevCon-CDs, including the supplementary DevCon-DVDs, have been mailed out today to all eligible participants of the European Xbase++ DevCon 2007 in Berlin.

So some of you may be able to find it in the mail-box before the Holidays, others will - most likely - have to wait a little longer; it´s all a matter of distance and the Holiday-Season being in full swing !!

Thanks for your patience and Happy Holiday to all of you!!

3rd European Devcon: ...we couldn´t get enough!!! (23.11.2007)

More than 150++ attendees from more than 22 countries gathered in Berlin to share their common thirst and passion for Xbase++!

ATTENTION: We are currently in the process of assembling the material for the DevCon-CD. Therefore, we need to remind all those speakers who have added so-called "last-minute changes" to their presentations and/or sourcecode: PLEASE SEND IN THE REVISED CONTENT ASAP; but no later than Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 2007. Consequently, the DevCon CD will be produced thereafter, and shipped to you via snail-mail in due course.

It was just awesome to have been able to welcome and meet you all in Berlin. We already look forward to see you all again at the next DevCon - wherever that may be!!!

Alaskas Data Bear

Impressions from the European Xbase++ DevCon Berlin 2007

For those of you that did not find the time to join us in Berlin, we plan to publish streaming media of the session held by Alaska Software in the following weeks and months. So please stay tuned.

  Alaska Software

News Server Connectivity Problems (06.11.2007)

Recently, we have been experiencing intermittent connectivity problems with our news server (news:// Consequently, access to the Alaska news groups may be temporarily unavailable. Together with our hosting provider, we are working on a solution to this problem.

Alaska Software apologizes for any inconvenience.

Snail mail *can* be slow! (12.10.2007)

As a subscription customer, you may have received a letter from Alaska Software regarding your Subscription renewal and about the forthcoming European Xbase++ Developers conference. These letters have been send out weeks ago from our US and European offices to our worldwide customers. We've only just learned that some of the letters are still on their way - snail mail indeed! To ensure that all our subscription customers can take their time to perform an educated purchase decision, Alaska Software extends the timeframe for receiving the discounted upgrade price until October 30th, 2007.

To further assist you with the decision process, Alaska Software has assembled a list of Questions and Answers (Q&A) regarding the Subscription service in general, based on the feedback received from our customers worldwide. In the event you still have a question regarding the Subscription Service or your individual Subscription status, please feel free to drop us an email to .

Finally, we would like to thank those Subscription customers which already have renewed their subscription for their trust into Alaska Software and support of Xbase++ as their platform of choice.


Product Outlook 2007 - 2008 (20.09.2007)

Since the release of Xbase++ 1.9, a lot of work has been acomplished at our different labs. For the last 18 months, an array of research projects have been going on. Furthermore, research and evaluation of the broad list of requirements collected from our customers got taken care of. Hence, at long last, we have determined the future product features and release plan for version 2.0 of Xbase++.

As soon as the detailed release schedule has been worked out, the official product roadmap will be updated, serving our customers as guideline and outlook about when to expect these new technology or features.

Due to the great number of new technologies and changes in the pipeline for the Xbase++ 2.0 technology platform, we would like to take this opportunity to afford our customers a glance and a rough idea about what's coming next. Please find below our product outlook for the next 12 month.


Alaska Software Product Outloook 2007 - 2008:
The Xbase++ 2.0 technology platform

For those of you who are still not sure whether or not to attend the European Xbase++ DevCon 2007 , we simply can not emphasize it enough, that the DevCon is going to be the place to prepare yourself for all the changes ahead, especially in the context of the Xbae++ 2.0 technology platform.

In case you have questions regarding the European Xbase++ DevCon 2007 or need any assistance in the process of planning your trip to Berlin, please feel free to drop us an email ; we are happy to assist you.


Regular DevCon-Ticket-Price elapses!! (18.09.2007)

Still haven´t signed up yet for the European Xbase++ DevCon 2007 in Berlin? -- Then, hurry up, if you still want to get charged the regular fee.

Remember the European Xbase++ DevCon 2007 is the place to get started with Xbase++ as there is a special track with 5 sessions only for Clipper migration candidates. It is therefore the world's most aggregated place to learn how to give your existing Clipper solution or your xBase knowledge a new life.

But that's not all! The first conference day is dedicated to prepare you for the latest technologies in our industry. Alaska Software will in great detail reveal its plans for Xbase++ 2.0, show you how to prepare yourself to reap benefits almost instantly out of new technologies and features soon to be disclosed. So much upfront, the technology platform of Xbase++ 2.0 will be revolutionary in the following areas:

  • how data-access and management is done
  • makes Web 2.0 applicaton development a snap
  • dramatically increases developer productivity

For all of you who are still hesitant and contemplating whether or not to come to the DevCon in Berlin, you should get going, as ticket prices will go up starting Oct. 1st. 2007!!

Hurry, check out the website , and put your name on the list of attendees!
You won´t regret it!!

Early-Bird Tickets till June 15th!! (05.06.2007)

Still not enrolled as a participant for the 3rd European Xbase++ DevCon in Berlin? Hurry up and act now. You can save EURO 50.00 by making use of the early-bird discount if your enroll at before June, 15th, 2007.

In case you have questions regarding the DevCon or need any assistance in the process of planning your trip to Berlin - please feel free to drop us an email ; we are happy to assist you.

Secure your Dev-ConTicket today!! (27.04.2007)

We would like to welcome all of you in Berlin this fall at the 3rd European Xbase++ Developer Conference!

This Conference will take place in Berlin in the time between Nov. 13th and Nov. 16th, 2007 - four days packed with information, knowledge and fun.

Visit the official DevCon 2007 Website ,

  • to get an idea of the overwhelmingly broad topics around Xbase++,
  • to know whose well-elaborated application will be presented, and
  • to find out which topics are going to be covered in the session program.

Furthermore we like to encourage everyone to attend this event to stay in touch with the Xbase++ community and of course to make use of the opportunity to discuss personally your individual requirements with speakers and Alaska Software!

Got more questions? Just drop us an email ; we are happy to assist you.

Happy Birthday: YELLOW CAB!! (05.04.2007)

The BIG APPLE´s most important and easiest way to travel is - no doubt about that - the YELLOW CAB . Alaska Software likes to extent all the best wishes to its 100th BIRTHDAY!!

... allow us to point out to you that next time around you take a 'Caby', you do not just rely upon the driver´s abilities and versatility, but also upon the power of Xbase++!!

Yes, indeed, all YELLOW CABs in New York City are managed, scheduled, dispatched, planned, administered and tracked by a powerful Xbase++ application!! ... Happy birthday, to you, .... Happy Birthday,... !!


New Hotfix-Rollup available! (30.03.2007)

In accordance with our Product-Maintenance-Policy we release today another series of Hotfix-Rollups for Xbase++ 1.90. More details about each Hotfix-Rollup including download information can be found here .


Third European Xbase++Developer Conference (16.02.2007)

Alaska Software Inc. and HyCare GmbH are proud to announce the happening of the year 2007 for the Xbase++community:

The 3rd. European Xbase++ Developers Conference will come up this fall in the German capital: BERLIN . So, make sure to ear-mark following dates: November 13th until Nov. 16th, 2007 , as we would love to welcoming all of you there!!

As always, stay tuned, more details will follow shortly.
Sincerely yours, Alaska Software Inc.

If you would be up for running a presentation of your Xbase++ application, sharing you developing experiences and techical expertise with others, then we would welcome your proposal-email in which you should also specify the foreseen title of your would-be presentation. Hurry up, as session-slots are limited.