Archive 2015 is 2.0 (30.03.2015)

Since Xbase++ 2.0 comes with so many great web technologies we worked out a plan to relaunch our existing website using Xbase++ technologies only *).

Unfortunately, we realized too late in the course of the project that having a "How this is done" button would be really cool. Being able to see with a single click the source code of a web page or even a complete web application - that was the idea. So stay tuned...

Having said that, we hope you'll enjoy the new website and encourage you to send your comments, critics as well as technical findings to

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We Love Xbase++

*) The UI framework we are using is Metro UI CSS from

New update available for Xbase++ 2.0! (24.02.2015)

According to our CDI (Continuous Delivery and Innovation) strategy, a new update for Xbase++ 2.0 has been made available today. For further details about the update please start the Xbase++ Workbench and select Help->Update Manager. There, you will find more information about the update as well as an option for downloading and installing the update. Prerequisite for receiving updates is an activated Xbase++ installation. If you haven't activated your installation, we recommend you do so now. Keep in mind that activation can be performed multiple times. Not activating your Xbase++ 2.0 installation means that you cannot benefit from the regular updates.

This update includes the ability to enable Xbase++ 2.0 applications to work properly with the FRAX reporting system released for Xbase++ 1.9. For more details about how to enable FRAX backward compatiblity see PDR 6609 . In case you still have issues with FRAX and Xbase++ 2.0 please get in contact with technical support. Note that the vendor of FRAX went out of business some time ago. So irrespective of the backward compatibility option included in this update, customers using FRAX should prepare themselves for moving to an alternative reporting system in the next 12-24 months.

Please note that updates can be rolled back any time. Just switch to the update history in the Update Manager, select the desired version and click "Install". Another good reason to install updates and participate in the progress of Xbase++ 2.0.