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In addition to the advantages of the Xbase++ language, there are tools that complement our products and make development easier. As a manufacturer of programming languages, Alaska Software is focused on this bottom line. The Technology PartnerProgram was initiated with the most strategic tool providers, to cover the demand for the most prominent add-on products.

The Alaska Software Technology Partner Program offers developers of add-on products that support Xbase++ and/or Clipper a close cooperative relationship in development and marketing strategies. Every company providing interesting product solutions that complement Xbase++ can participate in this program.

We would like every Xbase++ developer to work in a development environment that is comfortable and familiar to them. This is the reason we established the Alaska Software Technology PartnerProgram.

The program consists of two parts:

If you want to learn more about our partner program or if you want to become an Alaska Software Authorized TechnologyPartner, email us. If you have any question about the add-on products please contact the manufacturer.

Albalog s.r.l.

Maurizio Cherubini
The Standard RAD/Case environment for Xbase++ 

DS-Datasoft GmbH

Dieter Stelzner
XClass++: GUI applications classes for Windows Look&Feel
AdsClass++: full ADS and ADS-SQL support via server classess
Visual DBU: maintain DBF, ADS and ODBC tables
AFX++: dynamic application framework for Xbase++
Xbase++: Professional Training

MarshallSoft Computing Inc.

Mike Marshall
SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++
Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for Xbase++
FTP Client Engine for Xbase++

Ming Yik Systems Co.

Wing Cheung Shum
mySocket++ (TCP/IP library for Xbase++)
myNet++ (Internet library for Xbase++)


Advantage Database Server (ADS)


Slavoljub Damnjanovic
Power library - Add-on library for Xbase++ programming
DBM application - Database management
DBA application - Database administration


Alexey Karnozhytsky

SqlClass for Xbase++ & ADS
FileEval functions (interpreter of Xbase++ code)
SoftPro Monitor for debugging Xbase++ applications
SPClass (new Xbase++ class)