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Bringing the power of native code and no-limits to the Clipper and Visual FoxPro xBase language dialects. The Xbase++ language is truly the next generation development tool with its innovative features and technologies. In fact, automated and intelligent multithreading, full data-access abstraction including SQL for DBF tables and ISAM access for PostgreSQL tables, websockets/webhandlers and the object oriented programming model are just the tip of the iceberg.

Xbase++ comes with the widest choice of technologies, concepts, and tools to protect your existing Clipper or Visual FoxPro solutions and modernize them right away. There is no need to look further if you are looking for a way to continue with your existing Clipper or Visual FoxPro codebase - you can safely leverage your existing language knowledge. The Xbase++ platform comes with many new technologies while still providing full backward compatibility, but the good news is you don't have to use them if they are not needed - they can be learned step by step as time and budget permit.

All over the world, companies are leveraging what they have to achieve what they need. Modernization of existing Clipper or Visual FoxPro applications with Xbase++ represents a cost-effective, low-risk alternative to reinvestment and rewriting. If time is a factor for success, then modernization with Xbase++ pays off multiple times without any doubt.
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Xbase++ Foundation Edition

The Xbase++ Foundation Edition is the best value you can get to modernize your existing legacy applications. With the Foundation edition you have all you need at your fingertips: the Xbase++ Workbench to increase productivity plus the compiler and linker tools to create native Windows PE executables. Clipper developers, with the XbToolsIII library, get a CA-ToolsIII compatible multipurpose library. Visual FoxPro developers will get the transpiler and the VFP compatibility library. With CXP, a complete Web-Application development and execution infrastructure is included as well, allowing developers to leverage existing knowledge to create state of the art web applications.

 Modernize existing Clipper solutions

 Extend existing Visual FoxPro applications

 Create new modern applications

 Develop for Web and Desktop

 Create applications or services

 Concurrent data access with your legacy apps

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Xbase++ Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is what you need to really innovate. Modernize existing DBF/NTX/CDX applications by migrating them over to PostgreSQL server without any code changes. Add touch capabilities to your existing UI, develop new multitouch UIs for your POS solution, or extend an existing application with web access and mobile devices. The Professional Edition is designed to provide anything you need to develop client/server, n-tier or SOA applications using Xbase++. You can send/receive eMails, do FTP, or simply create a point-to-point real-time web socket connection. In addition, native database engines for the Advantage DatabaseServer, the PostgreSQL server, and ODBC connections are exclusively contained in the Professional Subscription.

 Migrate to PostgreSQL (SQL+ISAM)

 Use WebSockets and WebHandler for n-tier development

 Use DOM to manipulate HTML content

 Natively access Advantage Database Server (ISAM+SQL)

 Access any data source via ODBC (SQL)

 Use DataObjects as your universal transport vehicle between the tiers

 Send/receive eMails, do FTP, get http content or program sockets if you like

 Process XML data using a callback parser or as a graph of Xbase++ objects

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Xbase++ Classroom Edition

The Xbase++ Classroom Edition is intended for classroom or lab use. These licenses are available as on-site concurrent non commercial licenses. Alaska Software supports educational institutions with discounts up to 99%. Management of licenses is handled via the software activation mechanism. You can purchase Classroom Editions only direct from Alaska Software.

The Classroom Edition can be purchased by any accredited Educational Institution for curriculum or lab use only. The license is held by the institution and the product is delivered electronically or shipped as a box product.

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