License pricing

The PostgreSQL Client Database Engine for Xbase++

The PostgreSQL Client Database Engine is licensed per client connection. I.e. if you want five users of your company to work with an Xbase++ application via the PostgreSQL Database Engine you need to have a 5 client license. The license is designed as a subscription, the prices shown are the yearly subscription fee.
Product SKU Price excl. VAT
PostgreSQL 2 clients 301002 58,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 3 clients 301003 83,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 5 clients 301005 131,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 10 clients 301010 249,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 20 clients 301020 473,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 50 clients 301050 1.122,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 100 clients 301100 2.132,00 EUR
PostgreSQL 250 clients 301250 5.063,00 EUR
Unlimited PostgreSQL clients 301999

Coupon pricing

Coupons are designed for vertical solution developers. With a coupon you purchase the right to issue a dedicated amount of Client licenses by your own. You need to be an active Xbase++ subscription customer to purchase a coupon and get access to the Alaska Software portal to manage your own PostgreSQL Client Database Engine licenses.
PostgreSQL 100er Client Coupon
SKU: 201001
PostgreSQL 500er Client Coupon
SKU: 201002
PostgreSQL 1.000 Client Coupon
SKU: 201003
PostgreSQL 5.000er Client Coupon
SKU: 201004
PostgreSQL 10.000er Client Coupon
SKU: 201005