Contacting Support

Check the Knowledge Base

Prior to contacting the support department, we encourage you to first check whether there are already Knowledge Base articles available that tackle the issue at hand. You can use the full-text search feature to locate relevant articles in the Alaska Software Knowledge Base.

Identify yourself

Whenever your get in contact with our technical support, we need to be able to verify your eligibility to benefit from our support offer. We therefore need you to include the following essential information in all conversations either by email or by phone to our support engineers.

  • Your full name, company name and your customer ID at Alaska Software (CID)
  • Include the relevant PDR-ID, if the message refers to an already opend-up issue
  • A phone number under which you can be reached, if things need detailed clarification

Note: If you do not have a CID, please provide your Serial# instead (format: PID-SN, eg. 106181-999999).

Prepare yourself

Should your support inquiry relate to a generic problem with one of our products, then please be prepared to have the following information readily available:

  • Product you use, including version
  • Version of operating system (e.g. Windows XP SP1) you use
  • Type of hardware you use
  • Any other information you consider pertinent to your problem

If your support inquiry refers to an error or application stop, then also provide us the following information:

  • Error message you received, if any (preferably cut-and-paste of the verbatim message)
  • Explanation of what you were doing when the error occurred

Found a bug?

If you reckon to have found an anomaly or a possible defect in one of our products, please verify the following before contacting support and/or submitting a problem description report:

  • Check that you have read the relevant passages in the documentation
  • Use debugging and/or tracing tools to isolate the problem prior to contacting the support department
  • Prepare a self-contained sample that can be used to reproduce the problem

If you're reporting a defect or anomaly in one of our products, please use the PDR form (Problem Description Report) that came with your product. You can find the PDR form as a text document in your Xbase++ installation folder (PDR.TXT)

How to contact the support department?

eMail or Phone: The support department of Alaska Software can be reached in a number of ways. Our support engineers can be contacted during business hours via telephone and e-mail. In the event your issue involves source code, please use email as the primary media.

 EMEA Support Center
 (Europe, Middle-East and Africa)
 APRA Support Center
 (South-, North-America, Pacific-Rim and Asia)
 Alaska Software Inc., Germany
 Phone: +49 (0) 6196 779999-52
 Alaska Software Inc., USA
 Phone: +1 (646) 218-1280

Language Support: Enquiries can be sent in in English and German. We also provide restricted native Product Support services for Spanish-speaking customers. However because of the nature of our industry, we prefer to handle all support inquiries in English.

Note: Please do not send us your support enquiries by physical mail without prior notice. Media such as CDs, Tape or Disk sent to Technical Support without prior notification get destroyed unopened for security reasons.


Customers should make clear in their communication with Alaska Software Technical Support if they are under business or deadline pressure. Only then Alaska Software can estimate the necessary arrangements for resource allocations.

Alaska Software appreciates your feedback and critisism, aspiring to continously improve our services.

In the event that a support issue can be resolved by yourself, please notify technical support so we can close the incident. This will help us to saveguard your and our time and resources.


PDR: A Problem Description Report (PDR) describes a single problem/question for which a customer got in contact with technical support. PDRs are classified according to their kind and severity. Most PDRs are publicly visible and can be accessed via the Knowledgebase.

Problem: A Problem is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort estimated to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each shall be considered as a separate issue.

Single Component: Refers to an Executeable (EXE), Dynamik-Link-Library (DLL), an include file (CH), a Source file (PRG) or any other single file contained in a product installation.