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Welcome to Alaska Software's WebKB
A few words about the WebKB

One of our quality standards assurance programs is the ongoing effort to take note and catagorize any kind of known issues, defects, anomalies, bugs our customers reported, and strange behaviour sometimes occurring under certain OS and/or hardware set-up circumstances and environments. Alaska Software manages this with the 'Defect Tracking System' (DTS), which has now been converted into a huge database of valuable knowledge about the entire Xbase++ product family. Thus, the WebKB is actually nothing more than a browser-based user-interface to that Knowledge Base, so that our customers will now also be able to access, utilize and search this wealth of information!

WebKB Search
A word about 'How-to-use' the WebKB Full Text Search

Using the WebKB, you will now be able to search for needed information on any of the Xbase++ products without having to know the corresponding PDR ID (which is the reference ID for each article on an issue).

Always listening to our customers' needs and trying to meet them, Alaska Software has just enhanced the search feature set. Simply by typing in keywords in the search entry field, in any combination, you now get the database-query results of the entire WebKB.

The Alaska Software WebKB and the Full Text Search module are written entirely in Xbase++ and are powered by Alaska Software's Web Application Adapter (WAA).