Problem Resolution Support


The foremost goal of the Problem Resolution Support is to ensure continous operations and development progress on behalf of customer independence once the problem is identified as either a defect in one of our products, a programming error or an application design matter. Problem Resolution Support provides assistance for specific problems encountered while using an Alaska Software product, assuming reasonable expectation that the problem is caused by or is related to an Alaska Software product.

In Detail

Our support engineers will aim to resolve your issue to the best of their knowledge and abilites in the shortes time possible. In case your problem cannot be dealt with immediately, the incident will be escalated to the Development department. With the help of our R&D Professionals, we will try to provide you with in-depth knowledge and first-hand information to resolve your problem.

If the issue you have identified is acknowledged as a defect in one of our products, the support engineer will try to provide you either with a work-around, or with a correction. Should no solution exist, we will try to provide you with a hotfix whenever feasible and economically reasonable.

Alaska Software may reschedule certain hotfix release for low-impact problems for which no immediate action will be required. For high-impact problems, Alaska Software makes every reasonable attempt to resolve the problem. Due to the complexities of the environments supported by Alaska Software, product fixes may take several weeks, possibly months.

If a problem is classified by Alaska Software to be the result of a defect in an Alaska Software product, the customer will not be charged for that issue.

Whenever you have a specific problem with an Alaska Software product and our free Product Support Services is not suitable to provide an adequate solution, Problem Resolution Support should be your first choice.

Should you have purchased your software more than 12 months ago, and hence your free Product Support Services such as Installation Support and Getting Started Support have already expired, Problem Resolution Support included in our Subscription & Service products is a very cost effective and aquirable solution to get Problem Resolution Support and stay current for a period of 12 months.

Problem Resolution Support includes unlimited* incidents related to the following topics:

  • Proper usage and configuration of Alaska Software products.
  • Information concerning patches (Service-Levels)
  • Requesting a course of action
  • Documentation issues
  • Compatibility issues
  • Answers to general technical questions regarding our products
  • Product feature requests
  • Preparation of Hotfixes for immediate problem resolution
  • Advice regarding migration questions
  • Limited advice regarding architectual questions and application design
  • Priority** handling of incidents.


Problem Resolution Support is available free of charge to any registered customer with a valid support contract. Support contracts are not sold separately, but they are included in our Subscription & Service. More information about our Subscription products can be found here.

More details about how to get in contact with our support department can be found here.


(*) Alaska Software reserves the right to restrict the total amount of working hours per customer/year to a reasonable effort.

(**) Support incidents are generally answered in the order in which they were received. However, Problem Resolution Support requests always obtain a higher priority than Product Support requests.


PDR: A Problem Description Report (PDR) describes a single problem/question for which a customer got in contact with technical support. PDRs are classified according to their kind and severity. Most PDRs are publicly visible and can be accessed via the Knowledgebase.

Problem: A Problem is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort estimated to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate issues. If a problem consists of subordinate issues, each shall be considered as a separate issue.

Single Component: Refers to an Executeable (EXE), Dynamik-Link-Library (DLL), an include file (CH), a Source file (PRG) or any other single file contained in a product installation.